Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Good Morning,

I'm so bad at keeping up to date here...Life here is a little kaotic!! Erin is moving to a different housing...which she had to be interviewed for and she was accepted. Praise that she is totally Christian based. Bible study, devotions and church attending ..required. Please pray for her salvation.

My pain tolerance was doing really good...until I felt too good to do some things around the house and went shopping at the mall with Madisyn. I have been back in bed for a couple days. Made it to church on Sunday and home group. Needed to be feed with the Word. Missed my Tuesday morning ladies study on "Lies Women Believe"...excellent study.

Madisyn is doing great at volleyball...she scored 2 with her serve and got the ball over the net and scored that way....can you tell I didn't play volleyball so I haven't a clue on the technical terms. She loves it...Hopefully I will get to her game this Saturday and take some pics.

We celebrated Isaiah's 3rd" happy 2 you" on Saturday...that is how he refers to any birthday. He is so darn cute...and so much fun. He got his 1st Big Wheel and Batman stuff. He is my cuttlebug...I guess all 3 grandkids are!!

I need to get more pics uploaded.

Got delayed with making cards for Ebay...back pain and lots of visits from Erin & the boys.


Sandi Hixson said...

yoo hoo.....another steps........ (smile)
i love your NEW posts!!!
hope your feeling good days return!
luv ya

Heidi Zawisza said...

Yay!! You came back to us!!