Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year -Lifestyle Changes

All of you know I have a worn out disc in my lower back causing a lot of pain and restrictions in my life. Surgeons will not operate and fuse it until I lose a considerable amount of weight. My search in weight loss surgery began about 4 years ago before we moved back to Des Moines. Now, with 2 replaced knees and my back so bad my search began here in Des Moines and was recommended to see Dr. Eibes at Iowa Bariatic. In August, I attended the meeting to get things rolling. After insurance approval, pysch approval, support group meeting I got my appointment to see the doctor for my lap band surgery scheduling on Thursday, December 18, 2008; and he had only one spot for the year for surgery which was on Tuesday, December 23, 2008. My prayer all along had been that my surgery be yet in 2008, because my deductible had been met with my knee replacement in March. Well, God is Good!! I had to scramble to get my History and Physical done on Friday morning, which is my internist day off. She made an exception to see me on Friday ...thank you God again. Plus, since it was sooo close to Christmas I had to finish shopping, wrapping and cooking. With the tremendous help from my loving husband and granddaughter we gotter done. My decorating was not as I would have like but the nativity scence and tree were up.

From December 9 until surgery I was on a presurgical diet to shrink my liver to make surgery easier for the surgeon and lost 6 pounds. On Tuesday, Dec. 23; Mark & I headed to the hospital at 4:30am for my prep before surgery at 7:00am. The surgery
went very well and they did not have to repair any hiatal hernia(which is common for people who have acid reflux..which I have). I was already to walk out of the hospital at approx. 1:30pm.

On Christmas eve I was able to sit up and watch everyone open presents. Couldn't miss all that!! I had 16 staples in my stomach area, which made it a little hard to get up and down but by Christmas day I was sitting up and watching movies for 6 hours.

Eight days later I had my staples removed and was weighed and had lost another 7 pounds. A total of 13 pounds. Woo Hoo!! A great new beginning!! My jeans I had been wearing now I don't have to even unzip or unbutton to take off.

The year 2009 will surely bring many blessings to us and you!!

Christmas Pictures

Sorry so late in posting my Christmas pictures. Watch for next posting...about my Christmas present a day early.

Charley's 5th Birthday!!

MY Best Buddy turned 5 on December 19. 2008. Here is some pics of him with his birthday cookie and new toy.