Saturday, September 13, 2008

Good morning!!

We have had some awful virus-which caused Mark to have the squirts,Madisyn & I with bad headache and stomach aches. What a week...Mark even stayed home for 2 days which is unheard of. Erin and the boys had it and gave it to us.
Poor little Isaiah had the squirts for 5 days...went through a whole box of diapers.

Today, Madisyn has an overnight b-day party at a hotel tonight...which we usaully don't let her have sleepovers on Saturday nights...because she tends to be too tired for church...this happens to be one of her best every year we make an exception...Jayden is invited to our neighbors little boy's b-day party so he gets to spend the night with us...can't wait too have just him by ourselves.

Madisyn is loving 6th grade...the big middle school experience...cell phone for her birthday...going to 6th grade game with parents to champerone...and walking to the ice cream shop afer school (just a cool hangout.) Growing up way to fast. (Have to remind her ...she is still our little girl.

I will be going to the pain Dr. to get another shot in my lower back on try and get a little more relief...the pain pills just doesn't do it. Pray this will work!! I am not able to sit or stand longer than an hour then have to go lie to speak most of my day is spent in my office(bedroom)...always have to clear a space for Mark when he comes to bed...magazines,books, phone, remote, laptop and etc.

On Wednesday is my 1st appt with my bariatic the process of trying to get approved to have lap band surgery...need to lose be able to surgery on my lower back. I'm getting a little more excited to get the process going...on my way to a healthy-active life.

Enough for now...praying for all of you to have a blessed weekend!!


Sandi Hixson said...

you go girl! keep it up! good post!
thanks for the info on the SQUIRTS!...good name for it!...(smile)